Appraisals / Valuation

What is the difference between a Appraisal report and a Valuation report?

A Appraisal is not the same as an Valuation report. Both serve a different purpose


A appraisal report is a comprehensive report in which the value of your house is recorded and the properties of the house are described. A valuation report is requested by the bank if you have purchased a home and take out a new mortgage. Your house serves as collateral for the bank. The bank therefore wants to know whether the house covers the value of the loan (read mortgage) that it provides to you. The bank makes certain demands on the valuation report.


A valuation is a statement in which the living area and the expected sales value and the asking price advice for your home are indicated. A valuation is much less extensive than a appraisal report. The valuation cannot therefore be used to obtain a mortgage. The valuation is made to advise you well when putting your home for sale.

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